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"Internet Markting Blueprint for Chiropractors" - Strategies to use in your own chiropractic.

“Internet Marketing Blueprint for Chiropractors” was written specifically for busy chiropractors like you who want to grow your medical practice every year.  Evaluating today’s best-in-class internet marketing strategies and the fundamentals behind them, I make specific recommendations to help you design a highly effective online marketing program for your chiropractic business.

With 150 easy-to-read pages of insider tips, techniques and marketing strategies proven to be effective, this paperback book normally retails on Amazon for $37.00, but for a limited time it would be my pleasure to offer a free copy to any doctors who are members of the Chiropractic Forum group in LinkedIn

I would only ask, though, that you cover my mailing expense of $4.76 (for postage within the continental U.S.) in exchange for a copy of the book.  If you’d like to request a copy, click the PayPal link below and I’ll promptly mail a copy to the shipping address you specify.

Thanks for your interest, and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any marketing questions you may have about your chiropractic practice!