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Does your company have its own website? If not, you're missing lots of potential business.Consumers expect every company they do business with today to have its own website. Period.

Make no mistake about it.  Across the business spectrum, having your own website is considered to be no less important than having your own phone number.

A website is your virtual business presence, an online extension of your company. It never closes, and it can be visited by anyone using an internet-connected computer. It can inform them about your products, services, store hours, and even give mapped directions. And if you publish relative, interesting information on it occasionally, you’re very likely to attract some new customers.

For businesses of all sizes, the real value of the internet is not only about how it can strengthen your relationship with existing customers.  It’s also about creating relationships with new prospects, your soon-to-be customers.

Fortunately, the cost of entry is low. If you think having a website is expensive, think again – one print ad in a newspaper, or one direct mail ad, can cost more than having a website for an entire year. Once an ad has run, it soon disappears. Your website won’t. It’s a permanent piece of online real estate that continues to help you get your company’s message out, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

If you have a business, having a website isn’t just a luxury.  It is a necessity.

Here is something to consider. It has been estimated that 93% of the 175 million U.S. internet users are online shoppers.  Those are a lot of potential customers!  Could they find YOUR business if they searched online for it today?   

Let NetCentricity design and manage your own custom branded website!

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